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UG Course Offered

English – Nestled within the lush green backdrop off the Bombay Road, undergraduate Honours in English is offered for students since 2009. The competent Professors are available all round the clock to provide hands on shared experience of literature to the students, who mainly are from the rural background. An overall job-oriented culture study is the focus of this department. 

Bengali – Undergraduate Honours (since 1996) and General course (since 1981) is on offer at this department.  To ensure and indicate students towards teaching is one of the primary thrust areas here at. The department emphasizes on a knowledge growth through critical readings of Bengali literature and culture. The department has an intake capacity of 61 students.

Commerce – Opened in 1991 with General Course with intake capacity of 100. Since 1996 the department offers Honours in under graduation for Accounts and Finance. Both the courses have attracted a lot of students and have been a success story of the college ever since.

Sanskrit – Sanskrit is the pathway which connects the dimmed past and the bright modern India of today. In 1981 Sanskrit was introduced for undergraduate students in General Course. The department offers Honours course to the undergraduate aspirants since 2009. The department allows the students to underline the fact that a varied culture such as the Indian sub-continent can fruitfully be understood through help of Sanskrit. 

Political Science – Since 1999 the department has been offering Honours Courses to 33 students every year. The students have shown great repertoire skills in Youth Parliaments year after year in State and Districts levels as well.  General course for undergraduate studies is also offered side by side. 

History – Since the inception of the college itself the department has been offering Undergraduate General Course.  In 2001 Honours courses were introduced with two full-time and one part-time teacher. 

Education – this department was established primarily to encourage first-generation learners, mostly female, to come and get educated in a systematic order with the aim of making them gain financial and social independence. In the year 1996, due to the popularity of the subject, Honours was introduced and is still offered to the under-graduate students. The department takes 48 students each year in Honours. The general course has been offered since the inception of the college itself.

Philosophy – With tools of logic and reason in order to equip students to analyse the worlds and more, the department started offering General Course since 1981.Undergraduate Honours is being offered since 1998 with more emphasis to have an in-depth understanding of Philosophy’s critical and logical thinking, and thus to pave the students’ mind towards further academic research and development.