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College Profile

Established on 11th July, 1981 as a Girls’ College, and later as a co-ed College since 1984, the college has come a long way since its inception. There have been a lot of sacrifices of the teachers as well as the local people, to make this college into an institution of higher learning. At the beginning, it was a real task for all of us to make families send their daughters for pursuing higher education. Today we are proud to announce that 70 percent of our students comprise of girls. The college has had its humble beginning with just a thatch-tin roof over 5 rooms and 6 teachers. Today that number has increased to 25 (many retired or taken transfer notwithstanding), and the number of students have go up to over 1800.


This college has stood the test of time, has been an example of endurance of education and how it can change the lives of many who come in touch with it. The neighboring locality has also been benefitted by the teaching community here through various outreach programmes.  Not just classrooms, the college has strived to lay a path for out-of-the-box teaching methods – by interacting with the students to know their context, by screening various documentaries, by engaging them at an elementary level so as to hone their debating and communication skills. The fundamental thrust has always been to guide the students out of their subaltern platform towards a mainstream one. Hence at our institution it is of immense importance that the students do find an avenue to speak their mind, to sound their ideas and to nurture their dreams towards a viable fulfillment of the same.