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Vision & Mission

“Where today’s students meet tomorrow’s opportunity”
The vision of Gangadharpur Mahavidyamandir is to be a premier source of education in the state. To prepare the students specially women, SC, ST and OBC to fully utilize the opportunities available in future and face the challenges also. In the light of the above we commit ourselves to transform students into persons of competence, conscience, compassion, character and faith, in collaboration with all, to build up a just and humane society.


1. To make quality education affordable and addressable to everyone.
2. To provide innovative educational environment opportunities and experiences that enable individuals, communities and the region to grow, thrive and prosper.
3. To encourage students to excel in curricular and co-curricular programmes leading to fuller personal growth and holistic development.
4. To provide the finest liberal education to the students.
5. Help to prepare educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, service, outreach and leadership and encourage students to become leaders with a social conscience and global outlook.
6. Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice and democratic citizenship.
7. Sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout the college.
8. Enhance the effective and efficient management of the college.
9. To transform students into agents of social change.
10. To enable students to become men and women of action and reflection, rooted in and inspired by the values of respect human dignity, equality, social justice and secularism.
11. To creat a sense of compassion for the weak and the powerless in society, love for all living creatures and concern for the environment.
12. To foster skills that equip the students to live and work in harmony with those who belong to other religion, caste, language and ethnicity.