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Student Support Service

  • Gangadharpur Mahavidyamandir Student Support Services (SSS) is designed to help students who may need extra support to succeed academically. In this process a student can receive consistent support from class to class and year to year.
    SSS does not diagnose or label students; it is simply a program to provide academic and financial support to help students achieve success at college. SSS aims to create a formal network to identify and support students’ academic and financial needs through a multi-tiered intervention process and provide ongoing support for students that results in a safe and productive learning environment.
    The major supports may be divided in to two parts-
    a) Academic Support- Identification of weak learner and provide remedial classes and Tutorial classes. Apart from this mentoring services also provided by our supportive teaching staff.
    b) Financial support- Meritorious and financial weak students are provided free studentship from college along with various scholarships provided by state government and central governments
    some of them are-
    i) Kanyashree Prakalpo (For girls Students)
    ii) Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Minorities, West Bengal
    iii) West Bengal Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC.
    iv) National Scholarship
    v) Merit-cum-means Scholarship
    vi) Aikyshree Scholarship

vii) Students Credit Card
and many more…

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