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The word ‘karate’ means Chinese hand. It is popular in China. These martial arts have similarities with ancient Indian education system. Students had to learn karate from gurugriha. It has similarities with the celibacy of ancient India. The whole system of karate is helpful in character building. For example, one has to work on the instructions of the master, enter the class and clean the dojo (clean the place where one stands), wish to the teacher (attend to the teacher), do not talk in the class; stand up when the teacher comes, etc. This ideological similarity has also led to greater influence in karate. Karate lessons are started early with the aim of instilling discipline in the students, making them good citizens.

Discipline, moderation and patience:

Karate training begins with a warm up and also exercises – squats, lunges, pushups etc. Meditation is done to focus and improve memory. Various techniques are taught for self-defense. Restraint, self-discipline, restraint, patience help a person to progress in all directions in karate. Depression, mood swings are also solved through it.

Physical fitness:

There are many components of fitness, such as stability, balance, flexibility, cardio vascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength- all these aspects can be improved and muscle flexibility can be improved through karate. Older people tend to get injured easily. But if there is more flexibility, that fear is much less. Some asanas have been added to the Karate. Leg exercises increase the endurance levels of the lower and upper muscles. The more students practice kicks, punches, pads on top of each other, the more conditioning the body will get. Not just taking a hit, but when you hit, the effect is devastating. You may have seen breaking the wicket by hitting the leg. It’s not for show off. This is not possible without hardcore practice of karate.

Self Defense:

Knowing self-defense techniques builds confidence in girls. Now women also have to think to convince the real villains, sexual harassers. When you open a newspaper, there is news of rape or sexual harassment. Such terrible news has become a daily companion of the reader. On the streets, in buses, public transport, populated areas and even in peaceful homes, girls are constantly being harassed by strangers or by their own people .A girl casually walking down the street—that’s not supposed to happen.

Women feel that this situation needs to change. Having to go out every day for studies, personal or family work women now have to be confident. One must acquire the strength to confront bullies or abusers. Now is the time to master the strategy to have the strength to survive in the face of danger. In many cases, knowing some basic self-defense techniques increases confidence. Apart from that, once mastered this technique can be useful in times of need .This self defense training is very important for women .Although this training is based on sports martial arts, it is very effective in building self-defense confidence of girls.

Finally, it is important to remember that admission does not mean that a boy or girl will become proficient in karate. Like any performing arts, mastery in this field depends on practice.

Objectives of the Club:

  1. A fundamental purpose of self-defense training is to provide protection against crime or abuse.
  2. Self-defense training focuses on fostering respect for oneself and others.
  3. Running self-defense programs in college is essential to empower girls against harassment. Self-defense training develops a sense of fearlessness and cultivates mental and physical strength among girls.
  4. Self-defense classes, regardless of gender and age, help build confidence among students.
  5. Improving Physical and Mental Health
  6. Dealing with bullies
  7. Learning values and principles
  8. Learning discipline and responsibility